RGB Twist - Gaming Pack


New Release!
RGB Twist Gaming Pack
#1 Best SellingSmart Reactive Backlight Kit 
Specially designed for:

PS5 - Xbox Series X/S - Nintendo Switch 

120 Inch TV Capable
Level 2 Not available for 75 Inches and Up!

Smart Reactive LED RGB Twist kits.
Color Match Your Screen!

Capable of reacting at 120 Hz / FPS resulting in Extremely precise light responsiveness making your experience completely immersive and 100% Upgraded. With an Easy and Fast Installation, you will certainly be enjoying all of your content with a completely different lighting experience.


RGB Twist - Gaming Pack uses your console HDMI cable to read all the media through the main controller box, and send the data to your TV and LED Strips, to create amazing lighting visual effects, making your gaming sessions a lot more immersive and impressive, doesn't matter if you like gaming in a dark or lighted room, RGB Twist - Gaming Pack will brighten your surrounding creating this visual effect here in RGB Twist know very well and love! 

RGB Twist Effect will make your TV look's more bright with a Living Color Experience that extends to all of your surroundings. powerful enough to bight your entire room with Responsive Changing Colors.


RGB Twist offers more than 180 Independent light zones, reacting in sync.

Increase the reality of your streaming by integrating it with all of your Favorite Games. With our RGB Twist - Gaming Pack


Are your eyes suffering after a long Gaming Session? 

RGB Twist will brighten your screen and surrounding making the Experience Easier on the Eyes after a long Gaming Experience. As Usual! 

Fully Programmable LED Lighting on your Screen